The adventure begins...

Paul was switched on for the first time in a toyshop in Rennes, France. Nevertheless, he insists that he is no toy, but for adult collectors only. To underline this statement, he refers to the paperboard, in which he was packed.

He directly started to explore every single part of the town, discovering little hidden treasures. 
Like this fossilized head of an unknown women, filling a font with her tears. Paul asked her, why she was so sad, but she only replied: Never fall in love, poor, green boy!
So he played for a while on his tin drum, and she became a little better.

Soon he realised that the life of the people was controlled by stupid machines with numbers and a screen, and he began to think about what may have gotten wrong, before he was switched on.  He decided to give his existence another sense.

In a bar for philosophers, he met an old lady, who needed some hoisting. Gently, he helped her out. 
They began to talk about why so many people were addicted to money.

She told him, in earlier days, people did not buy anything. But they traded the things they did not need for things they needed. But sometimes, this became inefficient, because some things were too big to carry them the whole time. Or you needed a special thing to a special time, but not to the time the change had to take place. So, an alternative was needed. Money became a mean to symbolise values.

He asked her, why the people were not just working according to their abilities, because there would be enough for everyone. She answered, actually tries had taken place to realise this great idea, but the people were too selfish and to hoggish, and it was a total disaster.
The rulers were very greedy for power and pomp, and they drove their countries to ruin.

They continued thinking about this idea, but they came to the conclusion, that no things could be changed, until the people themselves would become a little bit smarter.
The old lady recommended Paul warmly to find a job, not to give his existence a sense, but a financial foundation. As a last tip, she added: If you are looking for a sense, search it in love!

So Paul decided to become a cleaning robot in a hotel. It was hard work and not well paid. But at least it was a beginning.

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