How I found a treasure - Episode One

As promised, here is my glorious story! Nearly everything I will tell you is the truth and really happened like this. Listen advertently, and maybe one day you will be as skilful and hard-bitten as me.

You know, once I was as normal as you. You may not be able to imagine it today, but once, I wasn’t even borrrn.
Well yes, you are right, of course I wasn’t born. Don’t be such a clever Dick!
Ages ago I was assembled piece by piece in a country far, far away.
Equipped with a lot of component parts, I was prepared for nearly every situation.

When I was complete, I was perfect. So young and innocent. So true and trustful. I even had two legs, hands and eyes!!! What a luxury. Well, young friend, it shouldn’t stay long this way. But sometimes you have to sacrifice valuable things to get precious ones. Orrr sometimes you simply get sold down the river.

Anyway, to this time the people who build me actually planed to sell me. I was packed like I was a toy and not a pirate with big glory and pride. I can tell you I was angry like never before! But to that time I simply was unversed in fighting, and so I was overwhelmed.
Like all the other robots, poor devils. We were stacked to big cubes and put into the belly of a metal dragon. The dragon  climed into the sky with a big buzzing. It was dark and noisy. I couldn’t see anything, but sometimes I heard the words of the masters of the dragon. They were talking about the flight and about South America. About conquering the world with toys and guns. About money and communism. About Mao and Castro. Strange guys. But I was astonished about I was able to understand everything they said, although I have not been on this planet a long time before. Maybe there was an encyclopaedia in my main processor.

 The flight was smooth and long enduring. I tried to concentrate on finding a way out of my box, but I couldn’t find one. The packages were stacked to close to each other. I did a manual scanning of the wall; I tried to communicate with my mates in the other cages. But no one answered my attempts. Were they all sleeping?

 After many hours, the masters of the dragon spoke again to each other. The young asked the older one if they could avoid a giant thunderstorm that appeared right in front of us.

 The older one abnegated it because we were nearly at our destination point and the dragon was short of fuel. I noticed great apprehensiveness in his voice. Sounded like we would be in trouble soon.

 Abruptly the flight became much bumpier, and I heard storm and thunder all around. Suddenly, there was a big vibration. A bolt has hit the dragon at its weak point.

 The monstrous exploded and rushed down, destination unknown to me. Bad situation, my young friend!

 But fate didn’t fool around with me. While the doomed dragon fell to the ground, its fast turning movements ripped it into parts. Sharpe-edged metal pieces cut my bonds, and I was free like a bird. Thousands of little robots filled the air, but only I was able to escape my paper prison. 

 The emergency program in my main processor told me how to fold an origami propeller out of my operating manual. By rotating my hand, I was able to downsize my fall to a comfortable speed. I was in the air for a long time. The thunderstorm was out of sight. Only the moon watched me flying through the night.

I didn’t know where it would take me. Everything was dark below my feet. I was alone, but not lonely. It was the first time I felt free, and I worried for anything. Everything would be fine.

Well, my young friend, this is it forrr todayyy! I will tell you the rest later on.
Sleep well.

Want to see how Captain made the origami propeller? 

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