This was summer

Hello there!

It’s me, your old friend Paul. Long time no see. Like usual, Paul has been very busy. Excuse him, you know he loves YOU. :)

A lot of things have been happening in the live of Paul, so this will be a long blog. But He doesn’t want to bore you with too much detail and too much text. So there will be many pictures. Yehaa, good for you, kids!

Firstly Paul demands to show of with his new car. It is a real Ford Mustang from 1967, in black and red, Paul’s favourite colours.

Then, Paul had to drive to Hamburg, because the company for which he is working had their great summer party. It has been wonderful! Everyone had to dress in white, and especially the ladies looked like a nice piece of crumpet. 

At first everyone went on a boat and drove around the harbour.
Of cause everyone was satisfied with drinking apple juice.

While sunset they went to a Latino club and danced like Pacho Alonso.
To refresh his main processor, Paul took a walk…

When Paul is drunk, he detects an increase of the handsomeness of women.

Then Paul had to be in school in Kiel for a very long time. But this time has been the first time, he could enjoy it. It has been very relaxed. In the first half, to stay precisely.
He hung around with his gang. They where dangerous and dreaded.

They played golf…

Bought a lot of crap…

Went to the seaside…

Took a look around

 Thought about some friends far, far away and stuff, a gang needs to think of.

Paul also visited his mother and his sister in the beautiful Mecklenburg-Western-Pomerania.

Like in a real Western, Paul walked through fields…

 And talked to real ladies about stuff, a cowbot needs to talk about.

He also ate the lovely cherry soup of his mother.

And played hide and seek.

 Dónde está Paul?

Moreover he found some interesting instruments…

He worked in the garden. He gave some of his positive energy to flowers by staring at them.

Back in Kiel, Paul worked on a fashion show…

And totally fell in love.

Some amateurs always constrained his professional attempts.

In school he learned a lot about architecture photography. Remember? It has also been the topic of his work in Rennes in France.

While going for a walk in his last days in Kiel, he heard a crying in the wood. He followed the sound and found Knut, a little ice bear.
Paul appeased him and asked, why he was crying.

“I have to get to Leipzig as quick as possible. But Günter the goose refused to take me with him. What can I do now?”

“Well I guess there is a way…” Paul answered.

“Quick, we have to hurry, Paul! We will never make it in time with this speed!”

“Hold on, little teddy-bear!”


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