The Observer

Paul is in school in Kiel again.
On Fridays many of his friends drive back home, but he stays, so he has got a little more time to take some walks. Today he discovered an archaeological excavation in the middle of his favourite golf course. Loving the overwhelming number of German rules, Paul quickly slipped through the fence.

He took a look at old houses and streets, the golden decoration on the architecture, nearly intact swimming pools and the majestic courthouse.


He climbed on the roof of the guildhall and took a look all over this magical city, and for the first time he really became aware of the gigantic dimension of this ancient kingdom.
What has happened to its people? Where did they go? Or do they still live on, hiding in the shadows, lurking for careless visitors? No one knows…
Deeply lost in thoughts, Paul climbed down.

On his way he found an artefact of great antiquity, he was so happy he yelled “Awrwrwrwrwrwr” and jumped three millimetres high in great pleasure.

Like a real inhabitant of Awrwrcity, he watched the sunset and thought about the next crop, the neighbour’s wife and his horse.

Fulfilled with feathers, Paul went home.


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