Big changes

After having worked in the hotel for about three month, Paul had to quit this job. He felt he was bodily too small, but intellectual too big for this kind of work. His screws became fully worn, while his chip was thinking about a lot of stupid things, and he became very depressed. He decided to find a job that would fulfill his expectations, and to apply for jobs as a photographer.
The problem was he couldn’t find a job in Rennes. There was only a photo studio in Leipzig in Germany in which he could start his career.
It was a hard choice, but Paul decided to move to Germany to try to find his luck.

One week before his flight, Paul went to an exhibition of famous photo artists from Rennes. There he saw an unbelievable beautiful girl, and his mechanical heart beaded like a hammer. Paul thought: “Help, I’m alive!”
It was the first time he felt like this, and he wondered about if he was dead all the time before.
Nevertheless he is pretty shy he managed to activate all his courage and talk to her. She told him her name was Lily, like the flower.

After the exhibition, they went to a bar and drank some local delicacies. Paul noticed the unbelievable charming girl also liked him. She told him she was from Turkey and only in Rennes for a workshop. She would leave at the same day like Paul, the first of May.

They had such a good time, and Paul was so happy.

The next days they met again and talked about a lot of things…

Although the unbelievable smart girl was not religious, she showed Paul some Islamic traditions.

Paul confessed to her that he really, really liked her and gave her the key to his heart. She held it, at least for a while.

She was such an unbelievable wonderful person, and Paul whished this could last forever.

But then it was the first of May, and Lily and Paul had to leave Rennes. Paul became very sad. Luckily Barney Stinson, who was a good friend of Paul, sent a nice message for goodbye and Paul was a little better.
He really wanted to say goodbye to Lily who had to leave earlier, but he was way too sad.

Paul went to the train station. Everywhere people gave away these little white flowers, which were called like the unbelievable tender girl. Dammed!
With the TGV, Paul drove to the airport of Paris.

He was a little confused, but he managed to find the right place.

He was fascinated by these big busses with wings.

Paul enjoyed his first flight. His airbus went to Munich.

There he had to take a smaller bus with wings.

Late at night, he arrived safely in Leipzig. He was curious about what times he may have in this town. But mostly he was tired.

On the way to his new flat, he thought about Lily. What could have happened, if she wasn’t in Turkey, and he wasn’t in Leipzig? He hoped some day they could meet again. Maybe if he had enough money, he could visit her. He would never forget this astonishing girl.

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