The great philosopher

Spring finally arrived in Leipzig. It was quite nice weather, everywhere all the flowers began to bloom and blackbirds began to sing.

Paul decided to grab his parasol and to take a walk in the Palm Garden. He was really curious about how palms could grow in these latitudes. Unfortunately, there was no single palm. 
These liars! At least there was a playground with sand like on a beach. 

 Do not disturb my circles! A deep voice suddenly said. Appalled, Paul looked up.

There was a giant, old elephant! Now Paul was quite surprised! What was an elephant doing in these latitudes?!
What circles? Paul asked a little bit confused.
Well, the circles of water at your feet, look!
Paul looked down, but there were only some abnormal rings in the sand.
Well, this is no water! He disgustedly replied. And these are hardly rings.
So, my young friend! Is it really sand, or is it only sand in your mind? You know, if you could live forever, you could see the sand is moving just like water.
Now Paul found out why this elephant was in Europe… he simply was a little bit confused!
So anyway, why are you looking at these rings? He asked.

Well… the elephant fumbled for words. Do you know the antlion? It is an insect that catches ants by digging cones in the sand. As soon as the ant gets into the cone, it is trapped, because it can not climb up the cliffy wall anymore.

So you want to eat me? Paul asked outraged.

Oh no, don’t you worry! The elephant quickly answered. It was only an analogy. See, I am a great philosopher. I am very intelligent, sagacious and well versed. But all this knowledge is completely worthless until I share it with others. And so like the antlion catches ants, I am catching young students to bandy all my awareness. My name is Tosun! What is your name, my young friend?

My name is Robot, Paul le Robot!

It is a great pleasure to meet you, Paul! 

Why are you so convinced of your wisdom? Have you found something special? Paul asked snoopy.

My young friend! If you want to get almost as aware as me, you have to leave all your doubts and fears behind and to climb the glorious stairway of enlightenment! 


Then you will find a place of big emptiness and befuddlement.

I think I found it!

You will find a golden path to heaven and the idea of the good.

Well, it looks like a slippage to me…

Oh, I wish you could see the world through my eyes…

Looks quite normal!

Ignorant fool! I am gonna bruise you!

A come one! Just kidding! Paul becalmed the angry elephant.

Tell me more pieces of your wisdom! Please!

Well, Tosun continued a little bit bugged, for example have a look at little Chickenson right here. Do you ever thought about who was first, chicken or Chickenson?

Well no? Wow, that is interesting! But I think the chicken has to be first, because it has to lay the Chickenson.

Haha! Tosun replied triumphal. But who gave birth to chicken? You see, my friend, here we have got another circle.

There is another mystery about Chickensons. Do you know the Chickenson of Kolumbus? He asked.

Well, no…

Good good good… so, try to erect Chickenson!

Paul was a little confused about this task, but he began trying anyway. But every time he disengaged  Chickenson, he tumbled down again and again. It was a quite hard work, and accidentally Paul even broke his parasol. Finally, he abandoned.

There is absolutely no way this could work! He burdened.

Ha! Let me take care of it! The elephant proudly said. He took Chickenson, turned him around and cracked his top. Now, poor Chickenson had perfect grip.

Oh noooooooo!!! Paul screamed absolutely shocked. What have you done? You killed Chickenson!
Hahhahahah…. Foolish young student! You still have to learn a lot… Do you really believed this was Chickenson? 
I tricked you again! Of course, this was just an albino kiwi fruit!

Tosun started laughing contentedly. He went on for ten minutes, and Paul used his chance to get away slowly. What an old nerd! But quite interesting. Maybe some day, he would return to his new friend and have a discussion about the Middle East.

But now it was time to go home. Luckily, Paul found a quite noble way of transportation… 

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