Happy New Year!

Dear followers! It has been a long time since Paul wrote to you. Please don’t be angry with him, it wasn’t meant impolite.

Paul has had some exciting times… He was working; he was a little bit in love and he was in a photographer’s school. Also, he played Zelda, great game my friends! Well, you can say some of these things were quite interesting and time filling. Sadly the most important thing has not been successful after all. Maybe Paul is expecting too much. Or girls are complicated. Or both is true.

Nevertheless, there is a quite positive development, because all in all Paul is doing better and better in handling all the stuff that’s going on. Wait for it, 2012 is going to be legen - dary! Except that the world is going to end, of course.

New Year’s Eve, Paul was on a party in the flat of a good friend. Everyone was dressed superb. He was preparing the great potato salad of his mum. Others brought cake or meatballs. Of course, there was o lot to drink… Paul tasted Brennivin, caraway schnapps from Iceland. Kids, do not drink that!

From the windows you could see all the rockets and fireworks that were shot into the night. The same procedure as every year, James!

Paul is curious about what this year will offer for his life. Maybe some good stuff. A lot of work… Let’s see.

Paul wishes all of his faithful friends a happy new year and the very best for all of you! Take care, we will see us soon!

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