War and Peace

On Sunday morning, Paul woke up much too early. 
That’s why he recognized the sun was shining and it was a very cold, clear morning. After having spend an evening with friends and drinking a lot of wine, feeling frustrated about the way some things are, he decided that cool air was the only right thing for his main processor. So he climbed up the ladder to the roof of his flat. His flatmate supérieure, the sparkling sparrow, accompanied him. But sparkling as she is, she did a call, and Paul was alone with his thoughts.

So what’s the status? In fact, the world is going to end on December of this year. It is an important question what you should do with the last year of your life, right? Paul saw some doves flying in the sunlight. And he discovered a lacerated one on the roof as well. He decided it was time for a pipe. Kids, don’t you ever do that! Pipes are for snobs. Paul is a snob.

The invisible smoke climbed to the clouds, like Pauls thoughts. Paul thought about his friends. Not only the near ones. He also thought about friends that he has not been talking to for a very long time. Because of good reasons, no ones and bad ones. Girls, particularly. There are skeletons in Paul’s closets, kids, you would not even imagine in your dreams. He thought about loosing friends, about preventing it and about the price it costs. He thought about fighting, about letting go, about honesty, trust, mistakes and forgiveness. He thought about insecurity and boldness. And about different expectations and dealing with it. About loyalty, integrity and acceptance. He smiled about people who try to influence him by pretending. Dudes, Paul can’t even influence himself! His heart is a real pinhead, made in China.

He thought about how things could be. Paul was happy and angry at the same time. Everything could be easy, you know! Paul thought about the girls he would like to be with and the girls he could be with. Rare congruent.

So what will Paul do this year? There are some important things in life, Paul should have done before the end of the world. He really needs to enjoy his life much more. There will be no long love story for Paul anymore, so let’s play around and have some fun, kids! Let’s dance and drink, kiss and smoke. Intelligent people may join the party!

What will you do this year?

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