As some of you may have considered, Paul is featured with a vital fantasy. That’s why he has got strange dreams from time to time. The same thing last night: 

Paul dreamed he wasn’t small and nice anymore, but big and rude. He was stumping through the city of Leipzig, playing his drum without any regard to older people who might have been annoyed by the noise. Paul was playing the Bolero. 

Some hysteric girls were even running away in panic. 

Paul decided to climb up the MDR-Tower to spread his barbaric Bolero all over the town. 

A bothered grandma seemed having called the army. Ignoring the gunfire, Paul continued playing.

Finally, someone hit him. Peng! He was loosing his balance and falling down the tower.
As he reached the ground, he…

… woke up shocked. Puhhh!!! Now what a nightmare! Maybe he shouldn’t watch so many of these old monster movies all the time. Everything was good now…

… was it?

What do you dream of?

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