Saint Valentine's Crap

Today was Saint Valentine’s Day. So Paul decided to confess his love to the Teddy.

But the Teddy was surprised and shocked and felt under pressure. So he decided to shoot Paul. This was the end of Paul’s short life and this blog.

Don’t worry, just kidding. Ah c’mon, you didn’t think Paul wouldn’t write anything TODAY, did you?!
In fact, the two pictures above have just been homework for school. It was just played, kids! Calm down.

So what’s up? Paul is in school in Kiel right now. You know he is doing a three-year-training to become a famous photographer. That is why he has to leave lovely Leipzig and visit school from time to time. The school is quite ok, Paul gets food for free and a little bed to sleep. The people are ok as well. Even the lesson is ok; it is a good contrast to Pauls work.

The first time Paul went here was not that good, because of different reasons. But this time, Pauls mind is free, and he is not expecting anything from the time here. Maybe this is the key of happiness: Do not expect anything, so you can not get disappointed. Everything you get in contrary to your expectations is a surprise. Kiel sucks, my friends. But it’s ok, it is a timeout for everything that matters. Like going into an abbey. Running away will not solve any problems, but it can make things easier.

So let’s talk about our favourite topic today, the love! At school there is a pool table. As Paul promenaded on the table, he thought about how love is working and if there are similarities to this game.

There are a lot of things that can have an influence on what will happen… in billiard, you can foresee the consequences of your actions, if you are an expert. Paul is neither an expert in billiards nor in love. But he thinks there aren’t any experts on this field.

In billiard, you are not allowed to hit the ball of interest directly. You always have to play the white one. Maybe that’s about the distance you always should keep, for the other person and for yourself.

You are not allowed to play the black one, until the end of the game. Maybe that’s about patience and not to rush.

There is a number 7 and a number 13. Can you choose the right or the wrong one, ore is everything “fate”? At least you should learn from your mistakes. Paul tries not to do the same mistakes a second time. But he also thinks everything is determined since the birth of the universe. But in the end it is your own decision and your responsibility, and you can not turn back time.

A happy Saint Valentine’s Day to everyone who believes in the courage of humans … and robots.

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