Da School!

Hello kids!

Like announced, Paul went to school again.
The first time ever he felt happy about going there, because the last time it has been so much fun. 
He was happy to meet some friends again and not to have to work for eight weeks. :)

Do you remember summer?

Now Germany looked like this:

Paul took Knut with him; he thought the little mischief should learn something as well.
They arrived in Kiel and it was really cold. To cold even for polar babies. 

Nevertheless Paul decided to take a little walk; his machine made masculinity empowered him to brave the hazardous exterior of Kieltown. His giant steel walking gadgetry carried him reliable even on the most extreme surfaces. Fearlessly, Paul mastered the terrain, like an explorer, a pioneer, an astronaut, Paul le Columbús….


Paul stood tight. His main processor ran hot. His lenses scanned every detail of the environment. It was a question of life and death. DINOSAURS!!! They left they’re giant footprints everywhere… There where sooo many of them!!! This had to be a dangerous, long-time planned, military secret operation. In other words - 
a true conspiracy!!! In Kieltown! The clueless inhabitants where so lucky, Paul was there by chance. 
Or has this been fate? Well Paul wasn’t sure. But it wasn’t important for him. 
A real hero always knows what to do! 
Let’s find some dinosaurs!!!

But no matter where Paul looked, he couldn’t find a hint… There where some stupid fly-lazy birds on the ice, but as Paul told them he had to eliminate some evil creatures that left those footprints in the snow, they just turned around and waddled away as quickly as they could. Cowards! Only Paul stood between the Dinosaurs and the extermination of humanity and robotity.

Finally, Paul found someone to talk to. His name was Funky Panda. He was a musician, a master busker. 
He was from China and wiser than the pope. Paul asked if Panda had seen the dinosaurs, explained it could become the end of the world and stuff like that.

But Panda just smiled and answered:

My young fliend, I don’t cale fol the end of the wolld, because -

I don't want to set the worrrld on fireee
I just want to staaart
A flame in your heaaart
In my heart I have but one deeesire
And that one is youuu
No other will dooo

I've lost all ambition for worldly acclaim
I just want to be the one you love
And with your admission that you feel the same
I'll have reached the goal I'm dreaming of

Panda, you don’t understand! This things are so much higher than both of us, and -

Believe me!
I don't want to set the world on fireee
I just want to staaart
A flame in your heaaart

Paul was so confused he went home.

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