Happy New Year!

Hello there! I wish you all a very happy new year, a lot of energy, courage, and integrity.

So what was up since the last episode? Paul arrived with Knut in Leipzig. But Knut didn’t say why he needed to go there so quickly, maybe we will find it out later. In the moment he just lives in Pauls flat… eating fish and chips all day.

Paul has had birthday at the twenties of October, and he gave a big party and most of his friends found the time to come. He was really satisfied, happy and overjoyed about little, personal fitting presents.

Some weeks later Paul went to the zoo, to take a look at some fish. In the past he always enjoyed the aquarium. He liked to talk to the fish. But there was a new star in the water, and every fish only had eyes for her…

Then it was Christmastime. Paul didn’t felt like it at all. There has not been any snow. But he drove home, and it was a nice time. Soon Paul will be a real uncle… So he thougt about reading some books to be more lettered.

There have also been nice presents for Paul, money, a self-made cherry-pit-pillow and a real Meat-Santa-Clause. :)

One day before New Year’s Eve Paul took a walk in the park to take some pictures. It was windy and there were a lot of crows. It was a strange atmosphere.

At New Year’s Eve Paul had a headache and wasn’t in the mood to go outside, so he stayed home.

The next morning he went out to take a look for bangers and rockets. 

 The new fashion…

Soon Paul will be at school again. So there will be more great adventures...

Until then, with best regards

your Paul

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